It’s time to say ‘Bye’ to content overwhelm and burnout and ‘Hello’ to consistent and strategic content that sets you apart as the expert in your niche.

Work with Me

Be seen, consistent and booked

This package is perfect for you if you want to master your content marketing process, from creation to planning and sharing so that all your content speaks to your dream clients and consistently attracts quality leads and sales you need in your business.

Group Program

New Year - New Goals - New You

You tell me your big bold business goals for 2019 and I'll show you how to create effective content that's aligned with your vision. 

Join the 6-WEEK CONTENT THAT SELLS BOOTCAMP for a powerful mix of Business Planning + Effective Goal-Setting + Impactful Content 

Majestic Morocco Retreat

Join our second edition of the Majestic Morocco Retreat, a 6-day trip of a lifetime to Marrakesh, Morocco! Indulge and get pampered in a relaxing environment of true Moroccan luxury and allow yourself to stay focused as you fill your 90-days content calendar.

Love Notes

A huge weight has just been lifted from my shoulders! Social media content was always really difficult for me. I felt like I had to explain so much, and because of it my posts were long and required tons of effort to write. Each one was like pulling teeth so I was posting inconsistently and spending all my time writing them rather than actually being on social media and engaging with potential clients. Now that has all changed. I feel like I have this bulletproof system that makes everything easy and intuitive. I really don’t think I’ll ever struggle again. Linda is a miracle worker as far as I’m concerned. The value I got from just a few hours with her has completely transformed my business. The cherry on top is that she’s a lot of fun to work with and continues to give value long after you’ve worked with her. She’s now my go-to person for all things social media and I’m so glad I found her.


Business Coach

When I met with Linda I was struggling with how to map out and how to develop content on a consistent basis for my audience. At times it would flow but there were times I would be lost. Meeting with Linda made me feel overjoyed because she taught me how to plan out content for an entire quarter or even for the whole year if I like. I also received clarity on how to structure and get my ideal client’s profile so when I am preparing content it’s there so I can easily write in a way that would speak directly to my ideal client. I now feel clear, organized and stress free… I am ready to have greater results now and in the upcoming year.
I would recommend anyone who is having the same struggles to work with Linda she will give you the results that you need.


Success Coach

I’m working your plan and it’s totally working! I’m so excited and so happy that I have a plan!


Finance Coach

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