So you’re still thinking about it. You want to come to Morocco with us this April but you’re not quite sure yet.

Well,  hope this list of 10 reasons will give you more clarity and help you lean towards you saying “Linda, I’m coming!”


1. Timing

New year – New you – New strategies.

You’ve tried and tried to develop a content marketing strategy, but you’re not consistent. In fact, you still struggle to create content, you get overwhelmed with the long list of things you have to do and in the end your mind just shuts down.

If you don’t have an effective content marketing plan, you need to join the Majestic Morocco Retreat.


2. Flexible Payment Plans

You heard this right. You have the option to pay for the retreat in full or to break it down in monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payments if you prefer. 


3. The Sisterhood With Other Like-Minded Women

When’s the last time you got together with like minded women to have meaningful conversations that will grow your business and your network? No, I’m not talking about Happy Hour with your girlfriends where you spend more time gossiping and complaining about how busy your week is than having meaningful and life-changing talks.


4. Up-leveling Your Business

It’s time to look at your business from a CEO’s perspective. That means that whether you’re where you want to be financially or not, treat your business as a fully running operation, not a weekend hobby.

Investing in yourself and ultimately in your business is a necessary part of growing your business. 

Attending a retreat like theMajestic Morocco Retreat is an investment into your personal and professional development and if you look around at the “gurus” in your industry, I can guarantee you that they make sure to continually grow through live events.


5. Your Very Own Personal Local Connection

Did you know that I was born and raised in Morocco? That’s right. The Majestic Morocco Retreat is not just a regular retreat in a exotic location. No, no no. It’s a homecoming!

I haven’t been home in 8 years and I want to invite you to go back with me.

Yes, you can always visit Morocco on your own. But this is your chance to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity where I’ll help you navigate the local culture.


6. Well Deserved Time Away From The Routine

Be honest with me now. When was the last time you truly took time for yourself. I’m not talking about a monthly massage where you have to rush back home to be with the kids. Maybe you have your occasional lunch at your favorite restaurant but then you have to brace traffic to pick up the kiddos from school and drop them off to ballet, basketball and karate practice.

It’s time to take a break and Treat Yo Self! And I mean a real break where you don’t have to worry about the daily commute, errands and grocery runs.  The Majestic Morocco Retreat is that 7-day break from the routine you need and oh so deserve!


7. Accountability, Support and Implementation

Every once in a while I run Accountability Days in my Facebook group. Why? Because there’s nothing more motivating than a group of committed women gathered to get work done. When you get in that environment in person you commit to and stay focused on your goals. There’s no other way around. You ain’t gong to flip channels, binge-watch Netflix or scout the fridge 36000 time in 1 hour…

Call it a support group, a mastermind, or a sisterhood. The Majestic Morocco Retreat is all the above.


8. Your Healthiest Week Of The Year

How many times a week do you eat fast-food? 2, 3, 5 times?

How many organic, home-cooked meals do you eat per week? And I don’t mean batched and frozen meals!

I mean carefully hand-picked ingredients, meats marinated overnight, freshly squeezed orange juice….

Yeah I know. Who has time for that, right?

Well, you will have time for that in Marrakesh, without having to lift a finger. Well, maybe just the day we have our cooking class! Hint-hint… You will be served delicious and nutritious meals made from scratch on site, every single day.

This will indeed be the healthiest you’ve eaten in the lonnnnngest time!


9. You’re a Conscious Traveler

As a former college professor in Hospitality and Tourism I used to teach sustainable tourism. One of the premixes of sustainable tourism is fairness or equity between host/locals and guests/visitors/tourists, and I’ve used these same principles to plan the Majestic Morocco Retreat

When I travel abroad I make sure the money I spend trickles down to the local economy instead of leaking out to foreign companies. 

This is why we’re staying at a locally-owned riad instead of an international franchise like the Hilton. Why we’ll meet with women co-op producing argan oil and buying directly from them instead of a supermarket. Why we’ll tour the city of Marrakesh and it’s surroundings (hint-hint glamping and photoshoot in the desert…) with a local, professional, English-speaking guide instead of a foreign tour company.


10. Walking Out With 90 Days Worth Of Content

Ok, maybe you think that you can just travel to Morocco on your own. Sure! I really encourage you to go for it. You’ll have an amazing experience.

Thing is, you’ll spend 7 days there as a tourist.

But if you join us on the retreat, you’ll spend 7 days there as a traveler AND a CEO upleveling your business through content masterminding, hot seats, and mind-mapping sessions.

So in the end, not only will you go back home with your bottle of pure argan oil, your leather bag, your carpet and your silver jewelry, but you’ll also have your very own 90 days worth of content mapped out!

The Majestic Morocco Retreat may very well be your most productive week of 2019!


Now, if you’ve read through all these 10 reasons I know that you can relate to at least 1 of them. Whether you want to take a break, be more productive and consistent, the Majestic Morocco Retreat is the right event for you!

So make sure you apply here asap.

I can’t wait to meet you soon in Marrakesh!

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