You know you create content to make money. Did you ever think there could be mistakes that are costing you money and time? Yikes! You work too hard for both of those! I’m sharing three costly mistakes you are making with your content (and what to do about it). 

1. You don’t know the content that you have

You have been creating content for the past months, past years, or even 5 years, right? But you don’t have a system that tells you what you have. This mistake here is that you will recreate things, and that is wasting your time. 

My solution: Create a spreadsheet in Excel, Google Sheets, or my favorite, Airtable. Start to keep track of the posts you create, where they are stored (Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS, etc), the content upgrades you created for these posts, and so on. Not only will you have an index of everything at your fingertips, but if anyone asks for a resource or you want to drop some value in a group, you will be able to access it quickly. This saves time AND makes you money! 

2. You don’t know what content to share

I’ve been talking for the past few days and a few weeks about the importance of knowing what content to share in nurturing mode or promotion mode. If you don’t know what season you’re in or if you don’t know what content to share on that season you always take a lot of time and making a huge huge mistake. 

My solution: Use a content calendar to plan out your promotional times so you’ll know your seasons. Use the spreadsheet database you created above to reference the posts you have that logically leads to that offer. For example, in my business, I run my repurposing masterclass a few times each year. Knowing those dates, I can lead up to it by publishing content and repurposing posts from my blogs like The Easiest Way to Repurpose Your Facebook Posts, How to Create 30-60-90 Days of Content the Easy Way, and Help! My Content is Too Repetitive. From here suggesting my masterclass is a natural next step for my audience to take. 

3. You don’t have a large vision with your content.

One of the biggest mistakes you are making with your content could be that you are looking at your content as a day-to-day operation instead of looking at your quarter, 6-month, or yearly plan. You need to know what your vision is for the rest of the year. You need to be able to scale that content. It is using the content now for results later.

My solution: During your monthly, quarterly, and annual planning reviews, you should be asking yourself questions like, What is my goal for the rest of the year? What kind of content am I talking about for the rest of the year? Who is that program for? Is it for beginners? Is it for 6-figure people? You have to know what content you have to pull out of your vault that is going to be used for the rest of the year.

The content that you are going to share today is going to see what is happening next month or 6 months from now. Don’t get caught up in writing all of your content right now, just plan it so are aware of where you’re heading. When it gets closer use strategies like batching and repurposing, or outsourcing to help you stay on top of your content game.

If any of these mistakes you are making with your content are showing up in your business, the good news is you can always make changes. Start using your content as an ally in your business to establish you as an expert, build relationships, and promote your offers. Join us in our growing community on Facebook. You will be able to learn more tips and meet with other women entrepreneurs.

If you need help in mapping out your content for your next launch, let’s talk.


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