Why should I share content, you ask?

Well, here’s exactly why it is imperative that you share your own personal content, whether it’s on social media, in your weekly newsletter, or even on your blog.

1 – You need to be VISIBLE
If we don’t see you, we will never know who you are, what you do and how you can help us. So go out there and be seen!

2- You must EDUCATE your ideal clients
There’s just so much we don’t know and we need you to tell us all about it in the way only you can do.3- You have to be seen as the go-to EXPERT
Newsflash: you’re not the only health relationship or business coach out there. So why should we listen to you? Well, here’s the thing: you have your own personal take and style in your niche. This is precisely what will make your ideal client relate to you and chose you before another coach.

4- Obviously you want to get LEADS & SALES
As a business owner, this is a no-brainer. No sales = No business. Your content, when done right, will attract the right leads and turn them into happy customers.

Ok, so now that you understand that you MUST share your content, what the heck do you share in the first place?

If you follow the ABC below, you’ll be in good shape. There’s more you should share though. I tell you all about it in details in my Content Formula Course.

A- VALUE: Show that you’re the expert in your field. Share tips, strategies that can easily be implemented by your audience.

B- FUN: Show that you’re human we can relate to and not a walking book. Share personal anecdotes or even fun questions to engage your peeps.

C- PROMO: Show that you’re in business. That’s right. You’re not a fun starving artist but a business owner, so make-offers-daily.

What type of content are you sharing this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Need additional help with your content, check out my Content Formula Course.

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