Are you batching content this weekend?

How would you like to plan out all your content for the next 90 days?

Read on…I’ll show you how you can do exactly that.

Content marketing is a 3-phase process.



This is where you ask yourself where you can get ideas from.

Quick answer: from your market research.

Before you get all intimidated by the words “market research”, here’s how the simple step by step you need to follow.

✔️ Interview your Dream Clients

✔️ Do some data mining in FB groups

✔️ Create 5 posts to share in 3-5 groups for 1 week


You can also check out my blog post on How to create 5 posts in about 1 hour to help you out with that.



Now you get to undust your calendar, look at it and decide:

✔️ Which groups you will post in every week (say 3-5)

✔️ What to post where and when (for example, Post 1 in Group 1 on Monday…)



Alright, you’re doing good so far. A word of caution here.

Don’t post everywhere at the same time. You ca follow this order:

✔️ 7 am in Group 1 – 12 pm in Group 2 – 3 pm in Group 3 – 7 pm in Group 4.

✔️ Hire a VA to do it for you. You don’t need to be online 24/7!




After you’ve gone through the 3 phases, you should repurpose the content you’ve created. This will not only save you both time and sanity, but it will help you stay more visible and consistent.

You can easily turn your initial 5 posts into 150+ pieces of content.


Yes, that’s at least 1-5-0!

What would you do with 150 pieces of content? That’s definitely enough for 30, 60 or even 90 days!

Remember, you repurpose because you need to create content fast without wondering what to talk about and without spending your whole weekend locked in the basement.


If you want more help with repurposing your content, check out this blog post.


Also, inside the CONTENT FORMULA COURSE I walk you through each of these phases in more details. You can get access right HERE.

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