You’ve been off the grid… Working behind the scenes on a new and exciting project.

You worked hard and focused all your energy on this project. But at the end of the day, you can’t help but wonder if anyone is even listening…
You were so consumed by making your project launch perfect that you “forgot” to not just grow your audience but to nurture the one you have now.

Big announcement to your list but do they even remember you? Unsubscribes after each email you send…
You forgot to take care of them.

Big announcement to your group but do they even get the notifications? Do they even remember they’re part of your group that used to feel like a community back then but now feels like an empty room with just one friend showing up?

BAD NEWS: if you want to solve this on your own you’ll make the exact same mistake: you’ll disappear for a few weeks to craft a plan behind the scenes but by the time you’re back out and ready to be visible again your audience would have left or forgotten about you and what you stand for.

GOOD NEWS: You don’t have to pick between putting together an effective content strategy and showing up every day for your tribe.
They need you NOW, not in a few weeks once you have a perfect launch plan.

Are you ready to consistently show up and serve your audience?
What if I could audit your current content strategy and shared one that allows you to engage, grow, and convert your audience?

BUT HOLD ON! I hear you: not just a plan, but THE exact strategy I would implement if I were in your shoes, because God knows how many programs you’ve signed up for and never really took action on…

If you answered ‘yes’ then I’d love to look into what’s not working with your content and offer you my personal strategy that I would follow if I were you.

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