It’s not just enough to have content but you have to know where to actually place it.

In fact, you should know that before you actually create your content so you can tailor it to your audience and the platform you chose.

Here are the 4 points you need to follow to make sure you share your content in the right places. 

1- Know your audience’s habits.

When you’re really clear about who your ideal client is, then you can understand their preferences.

If they’re busy moms, for example, they don’t have a lot of time and probably won’t be able to watch a 50 minute video training, but they’ll be able to watch a five minute video or they’re more likely to listen to podcast during their commute or while cooking dinner.

2- Know your audience’s needs.

In the case of Facebook, you can find groups where your audience hangs out based on what they do.

If you’re working with female entrepreneurs then groups for female entrepreneurs will be a great place for you to share your content.

If you’re working with corporate moms then a Facebook group tailored to working moms will work well.

Now you can look at groups directly related to what your ideal client does, but also indirectly related.

Let me explain this strategy…

Think of how your content can complement someone else’s Facebook group. 

Let’s say you’re a health coach. Then don’t go into a nutrition or exercise-related group. Your posts will be lost and buried under 100s of posts from all the other health coaches in the group. Instead, share your content in a group tailored to new moms. This will be a great way to stand out, be remembered and get leads.

3- Know your audience’s social media preferences.

This is very simple yet too often overlooked.

If your ideal client is a millennial, then Facebook might not be the best platform for you. Instead, you should look into Instagram and Snapchat.

If you serve moms, then Facebook and Pinterest are great places to show up.

Same thing for LinkedIn if you happen to be a career coach.

4- Know the rules of the game

When you pick your platform(s)/groups, understand the “best practices” as well as the rules you have to abide by.

For example, educate yourself on the best hashtags you must use on your Instagram posts. Also, find out if you can promote your offers in Facebook groups you join so you don’t risk getting booted out.

Want help to put together the right strategy that works for you so you can have your content work on autopilot, get leads and make sales without being online 24/7? Then schedule you FREE 15-min call with me right now. 

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