If you’re in business, you need to not only share value, but obviously, sell.

But too many female entrepreneurs I talk to ask me “How do I sell with my content?”

So I’m about to show you how to talk about your services and how to do it in a way that is not salesy. 

Before anything, you must know that you have to talk about your services. Period.

If you don’t talk about them, one, you are not in business because you’re not going to make sales. Two, you are not of service to others because you have a solution to somebody’s problem but you’re not offering it.

Your first thought shouldn’t be, “I don’t want to be salesy,” but your first thought should be, “How can I help other people?”

Newsflash: Selling is really all about serving.

Once I made this mindset shift, I started seeing selling as a moral obligation to support others in their journey.

1 – So first thing you need to do is make that switch in your head knowing that talking about your services is about serving and helping people, not about bombarding them with your offers just to get money from them.

2 – Now the second thing is, how do you do that? What do you talk about?

This applies to anything you’re selling: from a physical product like makeup or essential oils or shoes or food, to a service like a coaching program or a massage.

Now read this out loud: Everything that you say has to be based on what your audience wants to hear. Not necessarily what they need to hear.

There’s a huge difference.

That’s how they’re going to say, “Wow, that’s exactly what I want!”

Once you get to work with them, you give them what they want through what they need to have.

For example: if you’re a finance coach, you’ll tell your audience “I’ll show you how to be able to go on a vacation more than once a year with the whole family without having to check your bank account, switch money between your accounts or praying for a late check to deposit to avoid another overdraft.” 

Once they’re in, then you will have them sit down and work on a budget.

But don’t approach them with “I’ll show you how to create a budget and ways to cut costs.”

Nobody wants to hear that! Even if deep down they kind of suspect they will have to do that.

See the difference?

In other words: Don’t dwell on the HOW. It’s the WHAT that sells.

Now, if you want to know exactly how that will look like in your own business so you can finally have amazing content that makes your ideal client say “Oh, I want that!” then book your FREE 20-min call. I’ll share how your content can make an impact on your audience, how you can be known as the expert in your niche and make sales on autopilot without spending 24/7 on social media trying to come up with topics.

Hint, hint. See what I did right there? I didn’t tell you how many posts you have to create or how to create a post. I told you that I’ll help you get your content going out on autopilot and with that, make sales on autopilot. Isn’t that what you really want at the end of the day?

I help you make that dream happen for you. 

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