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I used to create content in the restroom at work.

Let me explain…

I’d commute 1 h 1/2 each way to my job and whenever I got a chance to get on Facebook, all I could see is everybody sharing amazing content, BUT ME.

This particular lady was getting amazing comments like “This is amazing!” “Tell me more!” “Can I DM you?”

I felt so behind!

So I’d go into panic mode.

Every time I’d use the restroom I’d pull out my phone and get a random motivational quote from Google I’d scribble content ideas during meetings
I’d post willy-nilly because I had no strategy I was burning out
Felling like I was running a race against social media Always feeling like I was losing ground

See the thing is that doing the wrong thing day after day is exhausting!
So how did I go from feeling like there was never enough time to create content to having my content-generating sales on autopilot while I’m vacationing with my family?


It’s about having an effective content strategy that will help you stay VISIBLE, CONSISTENT, and OPEN FOR BUSINESS while you enjoy your top priorities like family, self-care, and travel (thanks Covid…) without being glued to your phone 24/7.

So here’s my question for you: How well is your content strategy working for you?

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