You get the picture: Sunday evening, just watched the Oscars, trying to forget that you have absolutely nothing to share with your audience tomorrow. So you just push it back to the back burner, but it keeps coming back… It makes you nervous… you’re so disappointed in yourself…

Girlfriend, I was there, exactly where you are right now.

Every Sunday night trying to figure out what to post, what to share, what kind of content to talk about in the next 5 days. It was a huge struggle for me. I used to wonder, okay what’s next? What do I write? How do I post something that is not boring? and Is it even worth it?

The long answer, which I can address another day, is to do the market research.

Ask your ideal clients exactly what they want. Figure out your themes and then you’ll have unlimited content.

That’s the long answer but it’s Sunday and you want to find something to write out tonight or tomorrow morning, right?

We want a quick fix, an easy tip, something that you can implement without overthinking.

Here’s what you’re going to do:

1- Go in a Facebook group where your audience hangs out. Let’s say your audience is made of moms of little kids with food sensitivities.

2- Click on the search tab and type “food sensitivities” or any key word related to your niche.

3- Read through the list of posts related to that topic. Pay attention to the questions and or struggles raised. For example, one mom might have posted a picture of her baby with rashes all over her chest and asked “Help! I gave my baby formula for the first time tonight. Do you think this might be an allergic reaction?”

You’re an expert in food sensitivities, right? So you are going to flip this question and use it as a piece of content.

How are you going to do that?

Just look at the question that the mom asked.

Your post could be, “five signs that your baby is lactose intolerant.” or even “Three foods to avoid when breastfeeding your infants” 

So there you have it. A quick and easy tip that you can implement right now.

Write up the post or do a Facebook Live, pre-recorded video, blog post, instastory whatever you want to do, and start sharing this week!

So you see how easy it is?

If you want to know how that would look like specifically in your business so you can stop worrying about your content every weekend, I want to invite you on my Facebook page and be a part of my growing community and learn tips from me and attend my free training. I’ll tell you about some strategies to share consistent content on autopilot all across your social media platforms and even your email list, so you can spend less time glued to your phone and more time making memories with your kids. You can also visit my website.

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