When you glance at your planner to see the new month is right around the corner, are you excited to be rolling out NEW CONTENT!! Or are you someone who sets into panic mode with a pint of ice cream because you go into full-on CONTENT OVERWHELM MODE?  If you chose #2, it could be because you are overcomplicating your content creation process. 

You already know creating content consistently is the key to sales, but this just adds more pressure to do it well. 

Can I tell you a secret?
Just between me and you, okay?

I’m about to share with you how you can create content fast and without the headaches.

  • You won’t spend the whole day writing a single post…
  • I promise your post is good enough…
  • My favorite part of this process is weeks and weeks worth of content with minimum effort

How to Stop Overcomplicating Your Content Creation Process

Here it is! Ready?


That’s the secret and the key to saving you time and sanity. 
HOW? 🤷‍♀️

Find one of your most engaging posts.

If you’re a numbers junkie, this one will be easy for you. Head over to your Google Analytics and look at your Dashboard > Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. From here you can see which of your blog posts are viewed the most. 

Hate numbers? I understand. Think about an offer you have coming up and which blogs relate to that offer. Use the information in there for this exercise. 

Turn each point on your post into its own post.

Most of us write blog articles the way we were taught in school: introduction, supporting points, conclusion. Each of those supporting points has good information in it that can stand on its own as a post. So pull some nuggets out! You might even find out you have more than one. This may not be in the same word-for-word, make it fresh and unique as much as you can.  

Turn each of these points into its own video, IG post, Pin, Tweet, blog post, meme...

You don’t have to do all of these. Think about where you show up on social media or the internet, and think about where your audience is looking for you. Hint: it’s not everywhere! Choose 2 or 3 places and create content for where you are most likely to be seen by your audience and where you love spending your time. 

💪 Easy breezy!
🤫 Now go apply these steps and don’t tell anyone.😉  You’ll know you’ve created amazing, engaging content in a fraction of the time. Bonus: it wasn’t complicated at all! You had already done the heavy lifting of creating the content in the first place! 

I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “Won’t my audience get bored if I’m sharing the same old content over and over (and over) again?” The short answer is no, you are an expert in your field and that’s the solution you provide, but I’ve written a blog post on this too if you are worried about your content being too repetitive.  

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