“I don’t want to annoy my audience or sound boring.”

Is that you?

Have you ever felt like your content was too repetitive? You’re saying the same thing over and over again and it’s making you feel icky.

Here’s the thing, when you look at any business you realize that they only provide 1 solution, right? Well it’s the same thing for yours: you are to provide one core solution to 1 core problem.

Now, there are additional problems that spin out of that main problem that your ideal client has, but you are actually solving one core problem.

This means that your content should focus on that one problem.

It might sound repetitive to you because you’re on the supply side, but what it really does on the demand side is show consistency in your message.

With that said, you should pay attention to the peripheral problems that are directly related to the core issue you solve for your clients.

For example if you are working with moms with time management issues then you’ll realize that some of their peripheral problems often include disorganization, missing appointments, and stress.

So your main content is going to be focusing on time management and you are going to also touch on the peripheral content for practical examples and/or tips. That means that you’ll possibly share how to batch meals on the weekends or how to utilize google calendars in order to manage their time properly.

The more familiar you get with your ideal client’s core and peripheral problems, the easier it will be for you to create content that is consistent with your message. In the end, you will never feel that it’s repetitive, but instead, you’ll feel more and more confident in your niche and how you help your ideal clients solve their problem. 

Wondering how this would look like in your own business? If you want to develop your customized content strategy so you can stand confident behind content that is highly relatable and converting to sales, then I want to invite you to hop on a FREE 20-minute call with me. (I opened up just a few slots on my calendar so hurry before they’re all taken!)

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