Ever feel like it’s taking you forever to write a single FB post? Like, you’re writing a whole novel just to share your message.

Well, no wonder you’re not getting any kind of engagement and not filling your programs: she’s not even reading your posts.

Stop sharing fluffy feel-good content and get to the point already.

Why should she even take the time to scroll through your posts?
Listen, I’ve been there. Yes, the long posts, the long sentences, the corporate, and super formal posts. Guilty. That was me too. (tbh, I still fall in that trap sometimes )

You can let go of that bad habit too. Here’s a start:

  • Teach her something simple
  • Allow her to get a win today
  • Tell her you’ve been there too
  • Ask her to engage

Keep It Simple & Sweet. Short and Snappy. 

We don’t have all day to read your posts, mama.
I know this is a challenge though, just like it was for me. That’s why I want to help you not only write content that gets the attention of your ideal client but to do it super fast so you can get the results you want on your next launch.

If you want to explore how we could work together, just book your discovery call

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