Ever feel like it’s taking you forever to write a single Facebook post? Like, you’re writing a whole novel just to share your message. You keep reminding yourself it’s “just a social media post” and it “should be easy.” But there is the other voice in your head that’s also chiming in that you need to be posting several times a day. In the end, you just end up putting some quotes on some graphics before hitting, “share.” I’m here to tell you to stop sharing fluff. There’s a better way! 

Sharing Fluff Doesn’t Work. 

You already know you need content to get sales. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting any kind of engagement and not filling your programs, it may be because she’s not even reading your posts

Stop sharing fluffy feel-good content and get to the point already.

Why should she even take the time to scroll through your posts?

It’s easy to go to the opposite extreme too: the long posts, the long sentences, the corporate, and super formal posts. Guilty. That was me too. (tbh, I still fall in that trap sometimes.)  I have to tell you, rarely will she read those either because skim reading is the new normal

You can let go of that bad habit too. 

The Sweet Spot of Social Content (aka Stop Sharing Fluff)

 Here’s a start:

Teach her something simple. 

Your readers are busy just like you. If you are a B2B provider, then your audience is other business owners with their own clients, their own businesses, and possibly their own families. They want to perform at their best, but they are busy. So simple, easy to implement, actionable steps are so valuable to them. What can they do right away with what they have on hand? 

Similarly, if you are a B2C content writer, your customers are busy too. They may be juggling families and jobs along with other responsibilities. How can you help them simplify a step in the process? 

Allow her to get a win today.

Everyone loves to do a happy dance for themselves or hear a little ‘atta girl’ from the little voice in their head. So do your readers. What can you share that will allow her to check it off her list so she can feel amazing about what she accomplished having taken a small step towards one of her goals? One of my favorite sayings is people will forget what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. So allow your readers to feel like you gave them success and they will come back to you again and again.  

Tell her you’ve been there too.

People appreciate empathy. Let’s face it, the world can sometimes be a lonely, bitter place. We want to know we aren’t alone. When our clients and customers are seeking solutions to their problems, they want to know you understand what they are going through and know how to help them from a place of authenticity.

Ask her to engage

In case you haven’t noticed, social media is a noisy place! There is a lot of information out there! People get used to the idea of consuming the messages, but overall it’s a passive activity. So you need to invite your readers to engage with you by including a call to action. It might seem intuitive to you that they should respond when you ask a question, but really, spell it out for them. Ask them to comment, like, and share your posts. Remind them to click to read more of the post on your blog. 

Keep It Simple & Sweet. Short and Snappy. 

We don’t have all day to read your posts, mama.

I know this is a challenge though, just like it was for me. That’s why I want to help you not only write content that gets the attention of your ideal client but to do it super fast so you can get the results you want on your next launch. If you’re ready to stop sharing fluff in your posts just to get a post up, and want to explore how we could work together, just book your discovery call.

Feel like you have the post writing down to a science already, but feeling at a loss around your content strategy? I share some costly content mistakes you might be making and strategies to self-correct. 

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