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Today’s question is “What kind of content do I share with my Facebook group in order to keep it engaged?”

I love this question, but the first thing you have to know is that a Facebook group is different from a Facebook page and depending on your goals, you will need at least one.

Facebook Group vs. Facebook Page

A Facebook group is what you would consider your private community. It’s your circle of closest friends, even if you have thousands of members. It’s really a space where your members should feel safe, secure, heard and and where they are the closest to you (if they’re not paid clients). Even if it’s a free community, they can have access to you in the best way and where you can nurture your relationship by sharing your best content.

On the other hand, a Facebook page is more of your online business card where you tell the world about what you do but it doesn’t create a sense of community. Facebook pages are also necessary if you plan to run Facebook Ads.

Now that we have established what a Facebook group is and why you need one, let’s look at what you should share inside in order to keep it engaged.

1- Daily Prompts

The first and easiest thing you want to share is daily prompts. These are repetitive. Every week they’re the same, and you don’t really have to overthink them.

In my group (Content Creation Made Easy), every Monday is Motivation Monday.

Every Tuesday we break down our goals.

On Check-In Wednesdays I go live for Q&A.

Thursdays is Travel Thursday.

Friday, Wins.

Saturday, Social.

So by having these prompts going out on autopilot every week they keep your group engaged because your members know what to expect, they can anticipate those prompts and they are eager to answer those questions.

2- Valuable Content

The way you contribute to your industry is by adding value. You can do that through lives, posts, emails or even by sharing blog posts.

It’s very important to make sure you share your best in your group, because, again, this is your close community, you really want to share the best type of content with them. Even if you share the same content in other groups, you still want to make sure you keep some extra goodies for your Facebook group.

3- Promotional Content

Now you need to help them to move ahead. You need to not only help them with the free value content that you give to them, but you have to help them further by offering them ways to actually better themselves. In other words, show them that to go to the next level they’ll have to work with you.

4- Behind-the-scenes

Because this is your community and you want them to get to know you better, you need to share between-the-scenes content.

Think of fun content or things that people may not know about you. This could also be a project you’re working on or even a selfie with your kids at the park. With this kind of of content you basically want to show the person behind your brand. 

Be relatable.

Whatever piece of content you share, it has to be relatable for your audience.

How do you know what your audience wants?

Well, you ask them.

Ask a lot of questions through posts or just a direct question. You can also PM some of the members in your group as well, and just ask them genuinely, “What would you like to know more about in terms of [insert your niche here]?”

In my group I run polls and ask my community questions like “I’m planning an upcoming training, what would you like to know more about content creation? What are you struggling with? What are your current challenges? How can I help you? How can I serve you better in this area of your business?”

Now, if you have a dormant Facebook group and you just don’t know what to do with it, we need to talk. I want to invite you on a FREE phone call with me. A 20-minute phone call where I can actually show you how I can help you take that group from ghost town to the most popular spot in town, where people are actually wanting to get there, where people are getting value, and where you sign clients consistently.

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