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The first thing you have to know when you are a newbie is that just because you’re a newbie doesn’t mean that you get to use that as an excuse. The reason why you’re in business is because you’re an expert. So you have to really shift your perspective on what it is to be an expert.

So here are the 3 types of content you should share:

Value content is the first one, absolutely, absolutely tell us what you’re bringing to the table. How you serve your clients, how you contribute to the conversation in your industry.

Second type of content is promotional content. You need to be open and say what you are selling, what you are offering to your audience, and you need to bring it out there. 

And the third type of content that you absolutely need to share is the fun, personal type of content. That’s the behind the scenes, showing pictures of your kids, or doing things that are more about you. So it’s really showing the human side behind your brand.

Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been in business for five years, ten years, twenty years, you must share these 3 types of content, but not necessarily in the same proportion.

Let me elaborate on that.


If you’ve been in the game for a while, you get to that expert status where you don’t have to share as much value content as you do when you’re starting out. In other words, you can afford to share more of the fun part, type of content, and a little less of the value content because we already know who you are. You’ve already proven that you’re actually the expert. 

Think Tony Robbins for example. He can afford to share more of the behind the scenes, more of the personal things because we already know that he brings in the value.

As a newbie, when you want people to know that you’re the expert, you need to boost your value content because we don’t  know who you are yet and we don’t really care that much.

We want to see the value first. 

How can you help? How do you serve your people? What have you done? What is your track record? How can we trust you as the expert that you claim that you are?

That’s the number one type of content that you must absolutely focus on right now as a newbie.


Then you must share promotional content because you’ve been giving, giving, giving, giving and now you have to ask something in return. So make sure you give, give, give but then don’t just just sit there! Yes, even as a newbie you must put out your promotional content as well.

Not as much as your value content, but it definitely needs to be out there because you are a business after all. And businesses make money. You make money by sharing your offers.

 Once you’ve done all that, then the last type comes in third place. Fun content, behind the scenes, anything related to you and your private life. It doesn’t have to be super private but it just has to be fun and show that you are a human just like us and that there’s a person behind the brand and the offer. 

 If you’re a newbie and you don’t really know what to say in your content, then I want you to schedule a FREE CALL with me to discuss how I can help you to actually customize your own value, promotional and fun content. 

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