I hear this all the time: “I have content ideas but I’m just now writing anything. I’m not doing it. I know I have to do it, but I’m not doing it. So what do I do?”

If you’ve been sitting on a goldmine of content ideas and have not taken any action, then this is for you.

So what do you do when you’re in that state of inaction?

I have three solutions for you. 

1 – First, here’s a little bit of tough love for you. 

Just suck it up and do it! You know you have to do it. Just stop whining and do it. Block the time. Do what you have to do. Put the kids in the other room. Tell your spouse that you need the time. Go to the library and set a timer. Just do it. No excuse.

2 – Second thing that you have to do is get accountability.

You really have to be strong willed and have the drive to actually follow through with your goals. That’s why it’s important to share those with people who will really keep you accountable.

But here’s the thing: You have to know who to share these goals with. Some people in your life will give you support, others will give you accountability. You need both. But to get the job done you need accountability more than support.

For example, if I told my husband that I have to write two blog posts by tomorrow and I don’t do it, he’s going to say “You know what, try again next week, babe.

That’s not the type of accountability I need if I want to stay on track with my blog posts. I’m getting his love and support but it’s not moving my business forward.

On the other hand, if I told my biz bestie “Hey, this is what I’m going to do by tomorrow and I have to get it done” and I don’t, she’s going to get on my case and say something like, “You have to get it done, dude! No excuse! You’re not going to bed tonight until you get it done. Don’t talk to me until you get it done!

That’s the type of accountability you need. 

Accountability is key, key, key to get your content out there consistently.

3 – The third solution is really to think about why you don’t want to create your content

Think critically and look at two possibilities.

First, maybe you’re not passionate about or even interested in your topic. It might be time to re-evaluate and see if you’re not just doing it because everybody’s pushing you into that niche. Maybe someone told you that you need to build a business in the same area as your day job since it’s your area of expertise, but you have 0 interest in pursuing a business in that field.

Second, depending on what stage of your business you’re in, you can outsource the writing. For example, you can do a Facebook Live then outsource the transcription and editing to repurpose that Live into a blog post.

Don’t stay stuck. Look into the 3 possible solutions I just gave you and take action.

If you need help putting together the right strategy behind your content, then book your FREE 20-min call.

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