You know you need to create content fast, right?

Well, problem is…

? You don’t have a million IDEAS magically coming to your mind everyday.

? You don’t have TIME to create new content everyday.

? You don’t want to LOCK YOURSELF in the basement for 3 days to create content.

This was more like a list of problems…

As a mom with 4 kiddos under 5, I definitely don’t want to and can’t spend my whole day on my laptop or my phone.

So how do I make it work?


Inside the Content Formula Course I go into more step by step details on how to do that.

Here’s the thing, content creation can be fast and easy when you REPURPOSE your content.

And the EASIEST type of post to repurpose is a HOW TO post that has 3/5/10 points.

For example: 3 easy ways to lose the baby weight by the summer.

1- Drink 8 glasses of water daily

2- Exercise 5 times a week

3- Develop a strong mindset

You can then EASILY turn this 1 Facebook post into 3 different Facebook posts that will look like this:

Post 1: How drinking water can help you lose the baby weight faster than you think.

Post 2: 3 easy exercises that will help you lose the baby weight fast.

Post 3: Why you’ll never lose the weight until you have the right mindset.

Now, imagine how many more pieces of content you can create: Facebook lives, emails, blog posts, tweet, Pins, Instagram memes, etc. just from that 1 FACEBOOK POST.

Want more help repurposing your existing content? Sign up for the Content Formula Course!

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