Let’s be real, the actual task of creating content is sometimes boring, often tedious, and usually the first thing you should outsource in your business.

You get the picture:

You tell yourself you’ll create content on the weekend but your Saturday is overbooked with social events and on Sunday you just want to rest, watch some TV, and spend time with the family. Right?

So, the short answer to your question is a BIG YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes. You should definitely outsource your content creation.

And I’m going to add a big, big and even BIGGER, HOWEVER.

What you should definitely NOT outsource is the fundamental market research. This allows you to have clarity on who your ideal client is, which is absolutely key as a business owner.

Once and only once you have that clarity, you can outsource your content to a copywriter, designer, or even a content strategist like me!

What you should definitely outsource includes, repurposing content, planning scheduling, posting, transcribing editing, data mining, designing graphics.

For example, you can go live from your Facebook business page and leave the rest of the process to your VA. You can have them transcribe your video, turn that script into a blog post promoted on Pinterest, in Facebook groups, and to your mailing list.

So go ahead and write that first email and make that first video then, yes, please, yes outsource!

You want to spend your time and energy on money-making activities, such as livestreams and calls with prospective clients. If you’re not sure about what you should focus on, remember that you’re not making money by scheduling, posting, editing blog posts and editing pictures, so please outsource all of that!

If you’re clear on your ideal client’s profile and your offers but you have no clue how to organize your content in a strategic way that brings in consistent sales, then I want to invite you for a FREE 20 min call with me.

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